Our Services
WH Ink Studio Durrington Wiltshire studio interior WH Ink Studio Durrington Wiltshire studio interior
So how do you get to own a superb WH Ink Studio tattoo?

Well the first thing to do is to get in touch (see our Contact Us page for the various methods), or if you are in Durrington anytime, simply pop in to see us (please note our opening times shown below).

We are always pleased to meet new clients. An initial discussion with you to find out what you want will enable us to quote our best price. Our rates are highly competitive and we are confident you will be pleased.

If you wish to proceed, we will ask for a small deposit, which will enable us to book a consultation appointment when we will go through your exact requirements, designs and other details.

Don't forget - we believe in the personal touch and each client’s requirement will benefit from the consolation process.

WH Ink Studio Durrington Wiltshire studio interior
There is no charge for consultation.

It is important to advise that we will need to see some proof of ID; a driving licence or passport would be ideal. Unfortunately we cannot provide Our Services to anyone under the age of 18. We have to be strict about this. Sorry, no ID - no tattoo!

We will ask you for details of any relevant medical conditions or allergies and this information will be retained by us in a secure place.

And after each tattoo session, you will benefit from our aftercare advice service - we want you to be comfortable and thrilled with your tattoo.